Feline – Written and Directed by Brendan Cochrane

24, Sep, 2020

This is a brand new project that I have in the works which is largely a play on “The Joker” but done in a grim contemporary yet timeless period exploring a character “Feline” inspired by both my love for Cats, and the DC Comics Catwoman. I took a play from Catwoman and developed my own character “Feline” much like “The Joker” expanded into a darker world that was less in line with a commercialized fictional character and instead took the essence of that character and rooted them in a dark world. I didn’t want to share too much but I am very excited about this project and I want to be able to look back at what I was thinking and working on and how it turned out. My other reason is that life is short and your creative ideas need to be shared. Other people can try to do what I do but they will never do it the way that I do it. I am actively working on developing this and hope to have a finished cut by the end of the year.